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Who is Sean?

Sean Elliott-Maher wanted to be a highwayman but due to a lack of demand for anti-heroes on horseback he spends most of his time writing. He has traveled far and wide, but has always agreed with Dorothy that there is no place like home. For that reason, unless otherwise suggested, everything Sean writes has been harvested from his time in his hometown.

Sean has written in a creative capacity in many forms, and for a number of publications and formats. Creative non-fiction, critical writing, reviews and writing for corporate clients have similarly resulted in getting to grips with a range of varieties of writing.

His non-ghost written creative work includes articles for a range of print and online media, including the BBC, numerous fiction pieces, an independently produced documentary, and has a novel pending publication with another under construction at the moment.

Sean possesses a broad literary reference base with specific expertise and interest on local writers such as D. H. Lawrence, subjects on which he has lectured to a range of audiences. The literary teaching accompanies his writing coaching, which has helped many ambitious writers improve the effectiveness of their work.

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Posted: June 12, 2017


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