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Creative Writing 15-17

Whatever the weather is doing there are lots of reasons to be excited about the summer at NTU. Whilst there is an outstanding array of short courses available the one that makes my socks roll up and down with excitement the most is Creative Writing for students aged between 15 -17 years old.

I’ve designed and delivered the predecessor to this course for a number of years and as much as last year’s Writing Tomorrow was fantastic I’m always looking for opportunities to improve in the new course on behalf of the University.

In years gone by I’ve been delighted to have met some really wonderful people and coach them with their written world. It has been a pleasure to see writers thrive outside of the confines of the traditional classroom environment and see them embrace the collaborative atmosphere of a room for writers. Sharing the atmosphere of professional writing rooms of the varieties seen in broadcasting writers will be able to refine their process, approach, and ultimately improve their output.

It’s great to hear that the since enrolment opened the course has been quickly filling up, although I’ve been assured that places are still available so anyone thinking about jumping onboard may want to contact the short course team soon. To all those already signed up I really look forward to meeting you and I’m already confident that it’s going to be a great week.

Until next time word fans.

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Posted: June 12, 2017


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